Monday, October 22, 2012

Porting Touch recovery for MT65xx phones

Porting Touch recovery for MT65xx phones

Credits to yuweng

Extract the Android Kitchen plugins & copy MT65xx folder to dsixda's Android Kitchen tools
Rename existing plugins folder at scripts to plugins ori. Copy plugins folder into it
To access MT65xx-Plugin, go to ADVANCED OPTIONS -> Miscellaneous options / Plugin
If you have a 3 button MT6577 then use menu option 1

Android Kitchen Plugins for Porting Lewa TWRP to Any MT6575/ 77 (For cygwin)

Copy your stock recovery.img to recovery.img_MT65xx folder then only press enter

The plugins will automatically unpack your stock
recovery.img & repack it with Lewa TWRP
Also included is the latest Mobileuncle Tools. If
you haven't install it then copy both to sdcard.
First, install Mobileuncle Tools


  1. I don't have the stock Recovery image for MT65XX (BP-I9300). Can I get it somewhere?

  2. i did so as instructed by using it in cygwin .. it all finishes as shown in the above screenshots .. but whre is the recovery.img saved ? in the folder where i posted the stock recovery.img i only see mu7577.apk .. nothing is tehre .. the recovery.img is lost form this place and after i press enter even that folder is deleted..

    also how do i determine if i have 3 buttons or 4 ? i mean i have volume keys (up and down) and power key and the hard menu key .. apart from the two touch keys ..

  3. i cannot post the result here so i pastbin it
    here is the link

  4. i follow this guide and everything went well
    now i want to get back the sctock recovery, how can i do that?

  5. will this also work on mtk6577 ?

  6. not work for MKT6575 Bluebo B3000...
    Can you help-me?
    When I install it no longer enters Recovery Mode, to try the SP Flash Tool, it tells me that it can not cause it'sa load the *. Img is larger than the space it allows

  7. well my screen res is 1024x600 so finally i get flip screen and the button doesn't match with my touch.. how am i able to fix it? to chnge the resolution of recovery