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Tips, Tricks, Tweaks, Mods and Fix for Tinji i9300 Part 3

Tips, Tricks, Tweaks, Mods and Fix for Tinji i9300 Part 3

  1. Swapping memory space to 2gb (vold.fstab) credits to inamie
  2. Changing the boot logo to samsumg logo credits to inamie
  3. Engineer mode for Audio,baseband etc credits to jimmykar and russian forums
  4. Test menu
  5. Deleting chinese and other system apps
  6. No service or lost or other IMEI problems
  7. GPS Fix credits to umangsagar
  8. GPS and WIFI Mod credits to jimmykar and garyo
  9. Entering recovery mode
  10. Gtalk app
  11. Home button tweaking as original S3 credits to pinotuning and jimmykar 
  12. Battery saving and correction credits to
  13. Backing up your rom

more to come...guys comment below if you know any other tweak ?? i shall add that too

1. Swapping memory space (vold.fstab)

Edit this file /system/etc/vold.fstab to below lines
dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard2 emmc@fat /devices/platform/goldfish_mmc.0 /devices/platform/mtk-sd.0/mmc_host
dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/goldfish_mmc.1 /devices/platform/mtk-sd.1/mmc_host

2. Changing the boot logo to samsumg logo

rename the & to & in system/media then you can get the samsung boot animations.

3. Engineer mode


Please use with caution i wont take any responbility if anything goes wrong you may brick the mobile if you dont know what are you changing.

Increasing Volume for speaker

Normal Mode
Type Select Sph
Below is an example
Level 0 below the Value is 0 ~ 160 fill and then press the Set button to save
Level 1 below the Value is 0 ~ 160 fill out the 80 and then press the Set button to save
Level 2 below the Value is 0 ~ 160 fill 100 and then press the Set button to save
Level 3 below, the Value is 0 ~ 160 fill out the 128 and then press the Set button to save
Level 4 below, the Value is 0 ~ 160 fill 136 and then press the Set button to save
Level 5 below, the Value is 0 ~ 160 fill out the 148 and then press the Set button to save
Level 6 below, the Value is 0 ~ 160 fill out the 160 and then press the Set button to save

Exit and restart.

Increasing touch sound

Normal Mode
Type Select Media
---------Change the values---------
Exit and restart.

Increasing the mic dound

Normal Mode
Type Select Mic
---------Change the values---------
Exit and restart.

4. Test menu

To enter in to test menu switch off the mobile and press Vol up + Power button

5. Deleting chinese and other system apps

Pls use this this with caution i wont take any responsibility 

To delete china apps use of the following and your phone must be rooted

Titanium Backup
Root Uninstaller
SystemApp Remover
Root App Delete (uninstaller)

6. No service or lost or other IMEI problems

Please refer my guide for detail idea of backing up, restoring, creating imei etc

7. GPS Fix

NTP Server List (for GPS Fix)

Hello friends, I am pasting below the extensive NTP server list that you can use on your Tinji S3 or any other rooted mobile.

Source is : NTP ORG
Using Root explorer or other applications browse to /system/etc/gps.conf
Edit it and set any of the following servers based on your individual location.
For more details you may visit the link provided above as Source.


Global —


Europe —
Asia —
Oceania —
North America —
South America —
Africa —


Europe —

Austria —
Switzerland —
Germany —
Denmark —
Spain —
France —
Italy —
Luxembourg —
Netherlands —
Norway —
Poland —
Sweden —
Slovenia —
United Kingdom —
Finland —
Ireland —
Russian Federation —
Belgium —
Portugal —
Greece —
Hungary —
Bulgaria —
Romania —
Czech Republic —
Yugoslavia —
Estonia —
Belarus —
Slovakia —
Ukraine —
Lithuania —
Macedonia —
Moldova —
Latvia —
Croatia —
Republic of Serbia —
Bosnia and Herzegovina —

Asia —

Philippines —
Malaysia —
Turkey —
Singapore —
India —
Hong Kong —
United Arab Emirates —
Japan —
Bangladesh —
Israel —
Korea —
Thailand —
Iran —
Taiwan —
China —
Indonesia —
Vietnam —
Pakistan —
Oman —
Uzbekistan —
Sri Lanka —
Kyrgyzstan —
Cambodia —
Qatar —
Saudi Arabia —


Oceania —

Australia —
New Zealand —
New Caledonia —


North America —

Canada —
United States —
Mexico —
Guatemala —
Panama —
Bahamas —
Costa Rica —
El Salvador —


South America —

Brazil —
Chile —
Argentina —
Venezuela —


Africa —

Tanzania —
South Africa —
Angola —
Madagascar —


8. GPS and WIFI Mod

Use a almunium foil tape as below 

and stick to improve your GPS and wifi signal. Left is for WIFI and right for GPS.

9. Entering recovery mode

1. Switch off your mobile and connect the usb cable to charger and wait for the charging message to disappear and then press Vol up + power button together for few secs (The key combination may vary on different mobile models and usb cable is required only for tinji i9300)

2. Using MobileUncleTools

3. Using MTKDroidTools and selecting the button reboot to recovery

10. Gtalk app
or this
or this
copy to sd card, recovery mode, install from zip....

11. Home button tweaking as original S3

Open root explorer and go into path: /system/user/keylayout ( you make a backup of the file mtk-kpd.kl )
Push on "button" "install R/W"
Click and hold click on the file mtk-kpd.kl and choose “open with” command
Choose “text editor”
A window opens
You must be go into code 172 line that is HOME default command and to change and insert “WAKE” string  
Save changes (Root explorer automatically saves a backup copy )
Now change file permission: check all boxes into “ administrator”, “group” and “others” and push “OK”
Reboot the smartphone
Now HOME key is same POWER key function

12. Battery saving and correction

Battery saving

Use any of the app in your rooted mobile:

AnTuTu CPU Master Pro
CPU tuner(Rooted phones)

Using this app you can control and minimize or maximize the CPU for battery saving

Battery Correction (Many users at say they had good improvement using this trick)
1.Install battery calibration.
2.Allow your phone to charge until 100% 
3.Then open the app can click calibrate button.
4.Allow your mobile to discharge completely to 0% till its gets powered off.
5.Now again follow step 2 to step 4 upto 5-6 times

13. Backing your MT65XX rom

There are three ways for mediatek phones to achieve this

1. Using the CWM recovery and selecting the backup option.

2. Using the MTKDroidTools (you should be rooted first) and selecting the backup button.

3. Using SP Flash Tool v3.1222.00.7z credits to hardi75

Tell me you if you want more detailed guide for this.

Start the flash-tool -> load the scatter-file -> click on 'Read back' -> click on 'Add' -> double click the new entry -> give a name for your backup -> enter start-address and length -> click OK -> click on readback button -> connect your phone.


  1. A great blog.

    Pleas, follow like that.

    Congratulations from Spain!!!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement :)

    2. hola nemo.

      yo también tengo este modelo y me gustaría saber si lo tienes rooteado y cómo lo hiciste.

      un saludo!

  2. Hello. Your blog its very very good for me!! I have a tinji i9300 and now install Taiwan101_VIP_TinJi-i9300_ICS_V.03-1 with sd card in recovery mode.
    If possible to create a post with last original firmware, compatible rom´s, etc.

    PS - In SP Flash Tool v3.1222.00 when I try to put the original rom
    H640_77v01.01b06 the program "crash" in 69% :( any sugestion.

  3. thank u so much...
    before that i would like to know what mobile version you have is it tinji or any other?..
    have you tried flashing again..still only 69%..

  4. Yes my phone is Tinji i9300. I try many times in 2 diferents computers and result its the same... 69% and H640_77v01.01b06 crash :(.


  5. Well done CKETHAN! You know a lot about the phone now ;-)
    Keep on updating us about all tipps and tricks


    1. Thank you man..try to help me..if you come to know any other etc..

  6. My gps doesn't work. it doesn't fix any sattelite. I think the chip is broken.

    The compass doesn't also work...

    Any help?

    Thanks again.

  7. In this item:

    "11. Home button tweaking as original S3

    Open root explorer and go into path: /system/user/keylayout ( you make a backup of the file mtk-kpd.kl )"

    I think that is user not user.

    Which the key: WAKE or HOME WAKE.

    First doesn´t work to me.

  8. My gps doesn't fix :(

    The key is HOME WAKE and the button works ;)

    Do yoy know how to do a printscreen?


    1. hello,
      to take a screenshot just press volume down and power button simultaneously.

  9. could you write more detail for backup rom ?

  10. hi i have rooted and custom recovery my phone everything was good then i removed some Chinese applications every thing was working, but then i have made a system restore from the de control panel of the phone and now the telephone don't boot i have tried to flash the firmware form recovery but no good the phone don't boot .
    What can i do ???

    1. if anyone can give me some rom to flash to the telephone whit the sp flash tool ... I have tried mixa35 but say scater file is invalid and tried H640_77v01.01b05.rar but the telephone don't boot
      I can use the MTK Droid Root & tools but i have nothing to upload because i done the backup after remove the Chinese applications

    2. If I have the same phone as you I could try and dump my firmware for you. I have this phone with 4.1.1 jelly bean

    3. I did try to make a ROM file from my phone, but I don't know what I'm doing, I have SP Flash Tool but I got stuck at "enter start-address and length"

  11. My radio signal freezes when I go through a low signal area, I have to keep using the Airplane mode (turn on & off) to fix the signal. is it possible to update the baseband or is there another fix? my Baseband is MAU.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V8,2012/08/22 20:06

  12. Hi !

    omitting the big problem of the battery level dancing and which has a duration very little little

    is there a more capacity mAh battery for the tinij 9300 ???

    by k54 from Italy

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. wow !

    when I disconnect the charger cable , the level of battery goes down from 100% to 80% in 3minutes ?!?!?!!

    These phonecells don''t work well ... :-(((

    by k54

    1. Ignore the battery level, the lower end of the battery lasts a lot longer than the top end. I get hours of use when it says there is only a few percent left.

    2. hey steve we too have tinji i9300 phone..but not JB...can u upload for us?

    3. I'll give it a go, I'm not an expert, should I use CWM recovery, MTKDroidTools or SP Flash Tool?

      My phone is rooted

    4. You could use anything..the most preferable would be CWM ..

    5. >Ignore the battery level, the lower end of the battery lasts > a lot longer than the top end. I get hours of use when it
      > says there is only a few percent left.

      I installed the cpu tuner, battery calibration etc ect,
      but which is the cause of the dancing level of the battery and the incredibly speedy descent
      from 100% to 80% in a few minutes
      after remove the charge-cable ?

      the battery o the internal sensor of charge or the chip ?

      maybe does it need a special fix to solve the wrong level of the battery ?

      thanks from Italy
      by K54

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Btw thanks a lot for the faq for tinij !!!

    by k54

  16. nice article ..
    can we use a genuine galaxy s3 battery it it? or the genuine galaxy s2 battery in it ? as the markings on this clone battery corresponds to those of galaxy s2 battery .. ( mine clone battery read.eb-f1a2gbu which is actually the battery for sg2 .. and also this battery is having 4 contacts points and the phone is ignoring one contact . its only using 3 contacts . the 4th is unconnected ..

  17. and , for this model

    where do I have to put the aluminium tape to improve wifi e gps ???

    thanks a lot
    by k54

  18. hello I broke the glass of Tinji i9300 digitaliazador appreciate you tell me where I can get buy parts, if you save where


  19. hello,

         I have a mtk6577 S3 clone, but the network signal is very weak ... just being at home and the network signal disappears ... Is this normal? is there anything I can do to get more signal? thank you

  20. just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all...

    Mass Calibration

  21. Hello,

    Anybody encounter touch-screen problem for this Tinji i9300?
    I bought a Tinji i9300 on 2 mths ago, now the touch-screen giving me problem, but it only cover 1 month warranty for touch-screen, very disappointed of the seller... :(


  22. hi Kethan Surana

    there is any stock firmware or stock rom for tinji H890 (clone model GT-N7102) to flash it?

    and the required steps to achieve that rom? or any custom rom for this device? thanks

  23. can anyone make a recovery file and send it to me pls .

  24. Pasting aluminium over the antenna drops signal not enhance it...

  25. Need touchscreen for tianji gt9300 with 4.7". My phone screen is broken and i can't find another to replace. Can anywhone help? I'm from Portugal. Tanks.

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